M.A. Proseminar

The M.A. Proseminar (POLS GR5000) introduces students to the main subfields of the discipline by presenting perspectives on key topics in political science. Cutting edge research done by political science faculty in our department (and from other Universities) is at the center of the course. Students have the opportunity to interact and ask questions directly to the authors, as well as, discuss relevant topics with their peers.

Scholarship discussed in past:

Allison Carnegie, Power Plays: How International Institutions Reshape Coercive Diplomacy. Cambridge University Press, 2015.

Daniel Corstange, The Price of a Vote in the Middle East: Clientelism and Communal Politics in Lebanon and Yemen. Cambridge University Press, 2016.

Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, Politics at Work: How Companies Turn Their Workers into Lobbyists. Oxford University Press, 2018.

Gwyneth H. McClendon, Envy in Politics. Princeton University Press, 2018.

Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, How Democracies Die. Crown, 2018.

Tonya L. Putnam, Courts without Borders: Law, Politics, and U.S. Extraterritoriality. Cambridge University Press,2016.

Nadia Urbinati, Democracy Disfigured. Harvard University Press, 2014.Enos, Ryan D. The space between us: Social geography and politics. Cambridge University Press, 2017

Urbinati Me The People: How Populism Transforms Democracy.  Harvard University Press 2019

Berman, Sheri. Democracy and Dictatorship in Europe: From the Ancien Régime to the Present Day. Oxford University Press, 2019

Boucher, Anna K., and Justin Gest. Crossroads: comparative immigration regimes in a world of demographic change. Cambridge University Press, 2018. 09/27

Calvo, Ernesto, and Maria Victoria Murillo. Non-policy Politics: Richer Voters, Poorer Voters, and the Diversification of Electoral Strategies. Cambridge University Press, 2019

Peters, Margaret E. Trading barriers: immigration and the remaking of globalization. Princeton University Press, 2017

Daly, Sarah Zukerman. Organized violence after civil war: The geography of recruitment in Latin America. Cambridge University Press, 2016

Pan, Jennifer. Welfare for Autocrats: How Social Assistance in China Cares for Its Rulers. Oxford University Press, USA, 2020

Dancygier, Rafaela M. Dilemmas of Inclusion: Muslims in European Politics. Princeton University Press, 2017

McClendon, Gwyneth H., and Rachel Beatty Riedl. From Pews to Politics: Religious Sermons and Political Participation in Africa. Cambridge University Press, 2019

Aytaç, S. Erdem, and Susan C. Stokes. Why Bother?: Rethinking Participation in Elections and Protests. Cambridge University Press, 2019

Yarhi-Milo, Keren. Who Fights for Reputation: the Psychology of Leaders in International Conflict. Vol. 156. Princeton University Press, 2018