Undergraduate Registration for Graduate Courses

Undergraduate students may not register directly in SSOL for courses offered in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, which are designated by the prefix "GR."

However, qualified students may cross-register for GSAS courses, with instructor permission, by following defined procedures.

Cross-registration for Columbia College students

Courses offered by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences may be taken by qualified Columbia College undergraduates with the permission of the instructor and the permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the department in which the course is taught. The permission can come in the form of a signed statement or an email, as long as the statement or the email states the course number and the instructor's and DUS's permission for the student to take the course.

Once the student has obtained signed statements or emails from the instructor and the DUS, the student must bring this proof of permission to the Student Service Center, 205 Kent Hall, where the registrar's staff will add the student to the official course roster.

Cross-registration for School of General Studies students

Students in the School of General Studies who wish to take courses in one of Columbia's graduate or professional schools or programs must receive written approval from both a School of General Studies adviser and the appropriate graduate or professional school or program, as well as the instructor of the course, and must also submit a Cross-Registration petition. Students must have completed one semester and 15 points of letter-graded Columbia coursework and be in good standing within the School to be eligible to petition for coursework in another school. All work for these courses must be completed within the term in which the student is enrolled.

Students should print neatly then submit the completed petition to their adviser in the office of the Dean of Students, School of General Studies, 403 Lewisohn. Petitions must be submitted no later than the end of first week of classes.