Undergraduate Seminars

Students majoring in political science must take two 4-point 3000-level seminars. At least one of the seminars taken must be in the student’s primary subfield.


Students may not pre-register for political science seminars. To register, students must join the seminar's wait list in SSOL. Students on the wait list will receive further instructions from the instructor or the department.

Instructors' preferred methods for admitting students to seminars vary. Some will correspond with students via the wait list function in SSOL. Some will give instructions in the course notes section of the Directory of Classes. Others may communicate with students individually. Still others may ask all interested students to come to the first class meeting for instructions.

The Academic Affairs Coordinator can answer questions about seminar registration.

Seminars must be taken for a letter grade.

Fulfilling the seminar requirement

The following courses fulfill the seminar requirement. All seminars are offered for 4 points of credit.

  • POLS UN3911 — Seminar in Political Theory
  • POLS UN3921 — Seminar in American Politics
  • POLS UN3951 — Seminar in Comparative Politics
  • POLS UN3961 — Seminar in International Relations

Barnard colloquia may not be used to fulfill the seminar requirement, though they may be used to fulfill subfield or elective requirements. 

Fall 2023 Seminars

Spring 2024 Seminars