M.A. Events

M.A. students enjoy a number of events designed and offered specifically to meet their academic and professional needs.

M.A. events

The M.A. speaker series invites leading political science scholars from across the country to present their work for discussion with M.A. students. Recent speakers include Professor Daniel Ziblatt, Harvard University (co-author, How Democracies Die, 2018); Gwyneth H. McClendon (author, Envy in Politics, 2018); and Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs (author, Politics at Work, 2018).

The services of the Columbia Center for Career Education are available to all M.A. students throughout the year. Annually, usually in February, CCE staff meet with the M.A. cohort to provide detailed information about the range of services they offer, including resume development, career exploration, interview preparation, and on-campus recruiting events.

Each spring, alumni from previous M.A. cohorts come to campus to discuss experiences and share advice about life during and after a political science degree. 

M.A. students considering applying to Ph.D. programs in political science or related fields are invited to a series of presentations offered by department faculty and Ph.D. candidates. Faculty share information about the Columbia Ph.D. program and what the admissions committee seeks in prospective students. The Ph.D. student panel offers their experiences and insights about student life and the Ph.D. academic workload.