M.A. Program Staff

Chiara Superti

Chiara Superti
M.A. Program Director

The M.A. director, Chiara Superti, oversees the functioning of the M.A. program. Her role is to advise students on academic matters, from courses to research interests, from Ph.D. applications to other types of career advice. She teaches the core course for the M.A .students (M.A.proseminar) every fall, maintains relationships with the alumni, and helps coordinate the admission and recruitment process.

Clara Maier

Clara Maier
M.A. Advisor

The M.A. advisor, Clara Maier, works in coordination with the M.A. director to advise students on academic matters. Similarly to the M.A. director, her focus is on academic affairs. She is involved in the M.A. proseminar and participates in the admission and recruitment processes. She represents an additional academic point of reference for M.A. students.

Holly Martis
Graduate Programs Coordinator

The graduate programs coordinator, Holly Martis, manages administrative matters related to the graduate program. She is the point of reference for M.A. students regarding administrative questions during the program and during admissions and recruitment processes. She also helps organize academic and social events.

Nathan Feldman and Lionel Ong, M.A. Writing Tutors

The M.A. writing tutors provide incremental writing training and support to the department's M.A. students. During the academic year, they organize writing workshops and meet one-on-one with students to give feedback on written work and research design.