Spring 2021

Theories and Debates in American Politics II

, 4 pts, GR6211


This is the second of two semester-long courses that provide graduate students with an overview of the scholarly study of American politics. G6210 and G6211 constitute the American politics "field survey." The field survey is designed for political science doctoral students who intend to specialize in American politics, as well as for those students whose primary interests are comparative politics, international relations, or political theory, but who desire an intensive introduction to the "American" style of political science. In this course we will cover a range of topics related to American politics that, for the most part, are not covered in G6210.  Our focus will be on public opinion and political behavior. The reading assignments are a mix of foundational contributions (i.e., the canons of American politics literature) and recent research. The first part of each seminar session will aim to clarify and probe enduring puzzles, theories, and debates highlighted in the foundational texts. The latter portion of the seminar session will focus on how recent studies contribute to ongoing debates and define the research agenda going forward.

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Donald P Green