Shiv Gupta

Shiv Gupta

Research Interest


Shiv Gupta is currently studying MA Political Science at Columbia University, having previously been based in the UK. He studied a tripartite BA degree in Politics, Philosophy and Law at the University of Warwick – in which he achieved a first-class degree classification, the highest grade awarded by UK institutions.

Mr. Gupta's interdisciplinary background and international focus across these disciplines led him to specialise in Comparative Politics at Columbia. He is especially interested in how policy is driven by normative and ethical considerations taken from each PPL discipline and delivered through the law, and how this impacts various industries. Shiv has complimented this academic interest by completing various legal work experience, as well as at private-sector firms with commercial links to government and public-sector contracts.

Mr. Gupta has applied his interest in Comparative Politics and policy to the sport industry in his undergraduate dissertation at Warwick. This work analysed the notorious ‘UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations’ implemented in football (soccer) across European countries. He drew on high-profile legal cases as well as academic research in economics, statistics, business and the three PPL disciplines in order to develop the view that the regulations are in dire need of serious reform and stronger legal enforcement but cannot effectively be replaced with a US-style salary cap system, or with deregulation. At Columbia, Mr. Gupta plans on further enhancing his skills in analysing the empirical effectiveness of policy and regulations and how they can be implemented effectively in practice.