Ricky Clark

Ricky Clark


Better Together? How International Organizations Combat Complexity Through Cooperation

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Richard Clark is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Political Science at Columbia University. He specializes in international relations and international political economy. His current research focuses on international organizations, international trade, public opinion, and environmental politics. His dissertation project is titled "Better Together? How International Organizations Combat Complexity Through Cooperation," and it investigates (1) the conditions under which overlapping international organizations (IOs) pursue cooperation with one another, and (2) how IO cooperation affects global governance outcomes, such as the stringency of IO policies and their operational performance. He formerly served as the political science department's lead teaching fellow and is also a student fellow at the Johns Hopkins SAIS Initiative for Sustainable Energy Policy. His research is forthcoming in the American Journal of Political Science and International OrganizationHis work has also appeared in The Washington Post.

Mr. Clark received his M.A. in political science in October 2017 and his M.Phil. in political science in May 2019, both from Columbia University. He received his B.B.A. and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Notre Dame in May 2016 with a double major in political science and information technology management. At Notre Dame, he completed an undergraduate honors thesis in the Department of Political Science titled "Playing Hardball: How American Coercive Diplomacy Shapes Globalization" addressing the connection between American coercive diplomacy and the globalization of Major League Baseball. Before coming to Columbia, he also interned in baseball operations with the Cincinnati Reds.

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