Noah Zucker

Noah Zucker


Social Ties and Climate Politics

Research Interest


Noah Zucker is a PhD Candidate in Political Science at Columbia University, specializing in international political economy and comparative political economy. He has particular interests in the politics of the environment and climate change. His dissertation examines how climate transitions — those to decarbonize economies and bolster societies’ climate resilience — interact with the social divisions endemic to the world’s most fossil fuel-intensive and climate-vulnerable countries.

Mr. Zucker has explored related topics in other work, some of which is published in the Journal of Politics. He has received funding from the Endeavor Foundation, Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy, and Columbia Experimental Laboratory for Social Sciences. He won APSA's Fiona McGillivray Award for Best Paper in Political Economy, Sage Paper Prize for Best Paper in Comparative Politics, and Award for Best Paper on Democracy and Autocracy in 2021.

He received a BA in International Relations summa cum laude from the University of Southern California and holds an MA and MPhil in Political Science from Columbia University.

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