Spring 2017

Minority Politics in the United States

, 4 pts, GR8231


This seminar is designed to introduce graduate students to major themes in the politics of minority communities in the United States. The course will survey the effects of the formation of racial and ethnic identities on political attitudes, the interaction between race and political representation in legislative and advocacy politics, the impact of the party system on the choices and options of minority groups' influence in the polity, and the dynamics that shape the political activism of minority groups. At least half of the course will be devoted to readings on African-American Politics and the rest of the readings will focus on Latino Politics and Asian-American Politics. Most of the major paradigms on minority politics in the United States have evolved out the historic and temporary experience of black Americans. Students will be required--as individuals or as part of a group--to lead discussions at least once during the semester. In addition to active participation during seminar sessions and leading at least one seminar discussion, students will be required to write an original research paper based on one or more themes that emerge from the seminar readings and discussions.

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T 12:10pm-2:00pm 711 International Affairs Building
Fredrick Harris