Luke Samuel MacInnis

Luke Samuel MacInnis

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Luke MacInnis (Ph.D. Columbia, 2014) studies the ethical, and especially Kantian, foundations of law and democracy. The central theme of his work is that Enlightenment liberalism's ideal of a rational system of equal freedom under public law is not only compatible with but underwrites diversity and toleration. His work has appeared in Contemporary Political TheoryJurisprudenceThe Review of PoliticsRes Publica, and Philosophy and Social Criticism. He has taught several courses in political and legal theory, ethics, and the history of philosophy (Ancient and Modern) at Bryn Mawr College, where he was Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy from 2016-2017, and at Columbia, where he served as Lecturer in 2014-16 and again since 2018.


Political Theory I 
Liberalism: Origins and Challenges
Reason and Politics
Contemporary Civilization

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