Kolby Hanson

Kolby Hanson


Militant Recruitment In Crackdown and Truce


Kolby Hanson is a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science, expecting to finish in 2019.  His research is on civil conflict and political economy, particularly in South and Southeast Asia. His work focuses on armed organizations: what recruits want from militant groups, how armed leaders screen and control soldiers, and how life-changing experiences such as military service and migration affect long-run political outcomes.

His dissertation project, "Militant Recruitment In Crackdown and Truce," looks at the ways in which violence shapes militant organizations and the soldiers they recruit. His other work tackles the political effects of conscription during the Vietnam War (paper forthcoming in Journal of Experimental Political Science), on recruitment of foreigners by state militaries (paper forthcoming in Security Studies), and on the political effects of labor migration in the Global South (field experiment in progress). This research uses a wide variety of approaches: formal models, qualitative interviews, survey experiments, cross-national statistics, and field experiments.