Justin Key Canfil

Justin Key Canfil


International Law, Disruptive Technology, and the Curveball Paradox

Research Interest


Justin K. Canfil is a Ph.D. Candidate at Columbia University with a focus in international relations. His research explores the politics of technology law, with special interest in international security and cyberspace. In 2020-2021, he is a research fellow with the US-Asia Grand Strategy Program at the University of Southern California and a non-resident fellow at Harvard University’s Belfer Center.

His dissertation examines the complex relationship between military technological change, sovereign legal policy, and the international order. Drawing from extensive archival research, formally-motivated experiments, and an original dataset, it asks why some technologies are considered more legally problematic than others, and explains how states manage emergent controversies in times of rapid change.

Justin’s work on this theme has been supported by the National Science Foundation, a Fulbright Scholarship, the Department of State (Title VIII), and the Department of Education (FLAS).

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