Josephine Semb

Josephine Semb

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Josephine Semb (she/her) is a M.A. student of political science at Columbia University. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Political Sciences at the Freie Universität Berlin (magna cum laude), she is continuing to specialize in Comparative Politics and Environmental Politics. The focus of her studies include energy politics, just transition approaches and gender identities in climate politics. 

During her time in Berlin she worked as a research assistant at the coal-exit research hub at the Technical University Berlin where she co-authored a publication-cooperation with the German Institut for Economic Research ( DIW) on gender justice in coal transitions. 

BA Thesis Topic: "The male identity crisis in the wake of the German coal transition. A discourse analysis on the connection between hierarchal masculinity and the West-German coal industry.“

Researchers profile at coal-exit 

Published discussion paper at the German Institute for Economic Research