Jordan Lee Perkins

Jordan Lee Perkins

Research Interest


Jordan Perkins is a Ph.D. candidate in political theory.  He works at the intersection of constitutional theory and normative political thought.  His dissertation research explores the connections between judicial review, the separation of powers, and political legitimacy, arguing for judicial restraint and a middle ground between originalism and Thayerian deference.  Specifically, he argues that the proper balance between lawmaking and adjudicative interpretation requires that courts defer to legislative and executive enactments in sufficiently “hard” cases, while applying the originally understood public meaning of constitutional and statutory text where that meaning is sufficiently precise.  His work also concerns the institutional mechanisms required to maintain a proper balance of power between the judiciary and the political branches.

His work draws on insights from historical political theory, the philosophy of language, political economy, judicial politics, and behavioral economics.  He works primarily with Professors David Johnston, Jon Elster, and Jeffrey Lax.

M.A. / M. Phil.: Columbia University, Department of Political Science

J.D. / LL.M. (Legal Theory): New York University School of Law

B.A. (Philosophy): Centre College