Jeffrey Power Jacobs

Jeffrey Power Jacobs


"Our Word is Our Weapon": Text-Analyzing Political Speech Acts and Wars of Ideas from the French Revolution to the First Intifada

Research Interest


Jeff Jacobs is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Political Science and a member of Columbia TextLab within the Department of EconomicsĀ at Columbia University. His primary research interests are in the history of political thought, "computational political theory" (natural language processing + network analysis + political theory), labor economics, and the history of left-wing movements in the Middle East.

Before coming to Columbia, he worked full-time as a research economist in UC Berkeley's Department of Economics and completed his M.S. in computer science at Stanford University, where he worked as a research assistant in the Stanford Network Analysis Project as well as the Department of Economics. As an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, he studied mathematics, computer science, and economics. He teaches computer science in the occupied Palestinian territories each summer, and in his free time, he enjoys making music, reading, and clumsily trying to become fluent in German, Kurmanji, and (Levantine) Arabic.

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