Irina Vladimirovna Soboleva

Irina Vladimirovna Soboleva


Ms. Soboleva is a PhD Candidate in Comparative Politics and Cognitive Psychology at Columbia University in New York.

Her doctoral research compares the dynamics of political participation in advanced and weak democracies. 

Conceptually, Ms. Soboleva is interested in behavioral and cognitive mechanisms of democratic consolidation. Empirically, she combines socio-psychological experiments with ethnographic fieldwork to test competing causal explanations behind civil empowerment and engagement.

Ms. Soboleva's current work is supported by the Earth Institutethe Harriman Institutethe Institute for Humane Studies, and the Columbia Global Policy Initiative. Her previous research has appeared in World Politics, Europe-Asia Studies, Sexuality and Culture, Russian Politics, Post-Soviet Affairs, and Problems of Post-Communism.