Gustavo F Novoa

Gustavo F Novoa


Coloring in the Lines: Redistricting and Minority Representation in U.S. Cities

Dissertation Review Committee

Research Interest

Gustavo Novoa is a Ph.D. candidate in political science specializing in American politics and quantitative methods. His research interests are centered on the politics of inequality, both racial and economic, especially at the local level. He is particularly interested in why American institutions fail to remedy, and sometimes even perpetuate, different forms of inequality. He is also interested in rising levels of affective polarization among the public as well as political elites. His dissertation focuses on local redistricting and its role in minority representation.

Prior to enrolling at Columbia, Mr. Novoa attended the University of Chicago, earning a B.A. in public policy and an M.P.P. with honors from the Harris School of Public Policy.