Connor Sharkey

Connor Sharkey

Research Interest


Connor Sharkey is a M.A. student whose primary areas of specialization are international relations and political theory. Specifically, he is interested in the role of the private sector in shaping and influencing global institutions, financial markets, foreign investment decision-making processes, and the wider geopolitical landscape. Prior to Columbia, he studied government and philosophy at Hamilton College, where he wrote his government thesis, "The Myth of Natural Human Rights: On the True Justification(s) of Civil Liberties."

After concluding his undergraduate studies, Mr. Sharkey spent six months working as a full-time assistant for Dr. Erica De Bruin conducting original research on how states organize and utilize police, interior troops, state militias, and presidential guards that comprise security forces beyond traditional capacities; and how it potentially effects how, and when, coups d’état escalate into civil wars.

Between July 2017 and arriving at Columbia, Mr. Sharkey worked for PayPal Holdings, Inc. in their risk oversight division, helping manage and lead its global governance and reporting framework.