Ben Mylius

Ben Mylius

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Benjamin Mylius grew up in rural South Australia and some of the places that have been most important in his life and thinking are the Barossa Valley, and the town of Melrose in the Flinders Ranges, Australia; the little town of Pallier, France; and the Canyonlands, Utah, USA. He is currently living in New York City, pursuing a PhD at Columbia after having finished a LL.M. and Clinical Fellowship at Yale Law School.

Mr. Mylius is interested in what it means to "think ecologically," the structure, processes and limitations of rationality (or "reason") as a way of thinking democratically, and as a way (perhaps the way) we think together about what it means to move and live in the world. He is particularly interested in how a better understanding of something like "ecological reason," in light of contemporary work in the humanities and natural sciences, might offer us new ways of thinking about how we might live with the ecological challenges that characterize the (problematically-named) "Anthropocene."

Mr. Mylius has valued engaging with work in the history of science, intellectual history, biosemiotics, political philosophy, ontology and metaphysics. He also enjoys and values creative writing, and is working on projects focused on the way young men live in and with regard to the natural world in Australia.

Mr. Mylius enjoys hearing from people working on similar questions and challenges.

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