Antonina Kuzmina

Antonina Kuzmina

Research Interest


Antonina Kuzmina is a current M.A. student in American politics. She holds a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Stony Brook University. Ms. Kuzmina has research experience in neurobiology, psychology, and genetics. Because of her life science background, Antonina Kuzmina's substantial research interests include commercialization of research & development, pharmaceutical lobbying and policymaking, as well as politics of sustainable development and modern politics in animal welfare.

Published work:

Robison, L. S., Popescu, D. L., Anderson, M. E., Beigelman, S. I., Fitzgerald, S. M., Kuzmina, A. E., ... & Van Nostrand, W. E. (2018). The effects of volume versus intensity of long-term voluntary exercise on physiology and behavior in C57/Bl6 mice. Physiology & behavior194, 218-232.