Faculty Books 2012

Several members of the Political Science faculty are publishing books this fall. Click the cover images for details about each volume.




Jean Cohen

Globalization and Sovereignty: Rethinking Legality, Legitimacy, and Constitutionalism 










     Robert Erikson

     The Timeline of Presidential Elections: How Campaigns Do (and Do Not) Matter












Fredrick C. Harris

The Price of the Ticket, Barack Obama and Rise and Decline of Black Politics










     Thad Kousser and Justin Phillips

     The Power of American Governors







Nathan M. Jensen, Glen Biglaiser, Quan Li, Edmund Malesky, Pablo M. Pinto, Santiago M. Pinto and Joseph L. Staats

Politics and Foreign Direct Investment









     Andrew J. Nathan and Andrew Scobell

     China's Search for Security






Partha Chatterjee

The Black Hole of Empire: History of a Global Practice of Power