Fall Dissertation Proposal Submission Deadline

Dissertation Proposal

Proposals to be defended in fall 2014 must be submitted to the Graduate Program Coordinator, Lori Delahunt, via email by 5pm.

Every student who has passed comprehensive exams must submit a dissertation proposal by the end of the sixth semester of residence, or during the semester after passing comprehensive exams or finishing the special minor, whichever comes latest. The proposal defense needs to be approved by at least one sponsor who is presumed to be the sponsor of the student's dissertation. The student can pass, pass with revisions, or fail. If revisions are required, the sponsor has the obligation to establish a deadline for revisions and inform the DGS of the student's completion of those revisions for the approval of the proposal. If the student has not successfully defended his or her dissertation proposal by the end of his or her third year, the faculty will deliberate and make a decision on the continuation of the student in the Ph.D. program.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 - 5:00pm