Course Syllabi

Course syllabi may be accessed by clicking on the text indicating the semester in which the course was taught below. Syllabi for current or future semesters will be added here as they become available. If a course is not listed, please contact the instructor directly for a copy of the syllabus.

V1013 Political theory I, Michelle Renee Smith (Barnard) -- spring 2013

W1201 Introduction to American politics, Judith Russell -- spring 2013

V1501 Introduction to comparative politics, Kimuli Kasara -- spring 2013

V1601 International relations, Robert Jervis -- spring 2013

W3100 Justice, David Johnston -- spring 2016

W3115 American political thought, Joshua Simon -- fall 2015

W3170 Nationalism, republicanism and cosmopolitanism, Jessica Kimpell -- spring 2013

W3208 State politics, Justin Phillips -- spring 2013

W3210 Judicial politics, Jeffrey Lax -- spring 2013

W3245 Race and ethnicity in American politics, Raymond Smith -- spring 2015

W3260 Latino political experience, Carlos Vargas-Ramos -- spring 2013

W3285 Freedom of speech and press, Lee Bollinger -- fall 2015

W3290 Voting and American politics, Robert Erikson -- fall 2012

W3322 American congress, Gregory Wawro -- fall 2012

W3503 Political economy of African development, Christopher Blattmann -- fall 2012

W3619, Nationalism and contemporary world politics, Jack Snyder -- fall 2015

W3704 Data analysis and statistical methods for political science research, Donald P. Green -- spring 2013

W3708 Empirical research methods, Donald P. Green -- fall 2012

W3921 and W3922 American politics seminar

Bill of rights, Martha K. Zebrowski -- fall 2012

Executive leadership, Martha K. Zebrowski -- spring 2013

Media and American politics, Kathleen Knight -- fall 2013

Policy making, Judith Russell -- fall 2012

Reforming American government, Raymond Smith -- fall 2014

Terrorism and counterterrorism, Brigitte Nacos -- fall 2015

W3951 and W3952 Comparative politics seminar

Corruption, Timothy Frye -- spring 2013

Democracy, autocracy and regime change, Kimuli Kasara -- fall 2012

Varieties of capitalism, Isabela Mares -- fall 2012

W3961 and W3962 International relations seminar

Contemporary diplomacy, Rebecca Murphy -- spring 2013

Left-right divide in a globalizing economy, Yotam Margalit -- spring 2013

National security policy, Richard Betts -- fall 2015

Theories of revolution, Shahrough Akhavi -- fall 2012

The Cold War, Robert Jervis -- fall 2015

W3930 Constitutional law seminar, Sidney Rosdeitcher -- fall 2015

W4134 Modern political thought, Nadia Urbinati -- fall 2015

W4291 Advanced topics in quantitative research, Gregory Wawro -- spring 2013

W4292 Advanced topics in quantitative research, Gregory Wawro - fall 2015

W4368 Experimental research, design, analysis and interpretation, Donald P. Green -- spring 2013

W4407 Nine thought trends in China, Boshu Zhang -- fall 2015

W4461 Latin American politics, M. Victoria Murillo -- fall 2015

W4454 Political systems of South Asia, Philip Oldenburg -- fall 2015

G4472 Japanese politics, Gerald Curtis -- fall 2012

G4610 Recent continental political thought, Jean L. Cohen -- spring 2013

W4628 Philosophy of social science, Jon Elster -- spring 2015

G4845 National security strategies of Middle Eastern countries, Charles Freilich -- spring 2015

W4871 Chinese foreign policy, Andrew Nathan -- spring 2014

W4895 War, peace and strategy, Richard Betts -- fall 2015

W4910 Principles of quantitative political research, Robert Shapiro -- fall 2014

W4911 Analysis of political data/applied econometrics, Robert Shapiro -- spring 2014

G6210 Theories and debates in American politics, Robert Erikson and Jeffrey Lax -- fall 2012

G6411 Comparative politics survey I, John Huber -- fall 2012

G6412 Comparative politics survey II, Timothy Frye -- spring 2013

G6601 Issues in political theory, Nadia Urbinati -- fall 2015

G6801 Theories of international relations, Jack Snyder -- fall 2015

G8211 Political economy of institutions, Massimo Morelli and Michael Ting -- spring 2014

G8219 Elections, Robert Erikson -- fall 2012

G8236 Themes in American political development, Ira Katznelson -- spring 2013

G8245 Controversies in American politics, Robert Erikson and Shigeo Hirano -- spring 2013

G8427 Comparative ethnic politics, Daniel Corstange -- fall 2012

G8428 Democracy, autocracy and regime change, Kimuli Kasara -- spring 2013

G8434 Latin American politics in comparative perspective, Robert Kaufman -- spring 2012

G8492 Comparing Institutions, Timothy Frye -- fall 2012

G8493 Political development, Sheri Berman -- spring 2014

G8625 Imperialism and political theory, Joshua Simon -- fall 2015

G8640 Commerce and civic virtue, Turkuler Isiksel -- spring 2013

G8823 Debates on international peace intervention, Page Fortna -- spring 2013

G8839 The causes and consequences of terrorism, Page Fortna -- spring 2012

G8844 Nationalism, Jack Snyder -- spring 2015

G8865 United States foreign policy, Richard Betts -- spring 2012

G8865 US Foreign relations, Richard Betts -- fall 2012

G8870 US Relations with East Asia, Gerald Curtis -- fall 2012