Giancarlo Doria Prize

In memory of Giancarlo Doria, M.A. 2009, Antonietta and Francesco Doria and the Department of Political Science present an annual award for the best paper in any subject in political science submitted by a candidate for the Ph.D. in political science who has not yet received the M.Phil.

About Giancarlo Doria

Giancarlo Doria died on January 3, 2010, at the age of twenty-eight. After four months of stoic struggle, Giancarlo succumbed to the cancer that truncated a promising academic career and a life enlightened by keen intelligence, deep commitment to human relationships, and an insatiable desire to learn, understand, and share. He left behind his mother, Antonietta; his father, Franco; and his brother, Emanuele, who were by his side throughout his illness; as well as dozens of friends in Italy and the U.S., whose lives he enriched.

Giancarlo began his graduate studies in the Department of Political Science in September 2008 as a political theorist. He subsequently transitioned to comparative politics, focusing on political economy, comparative constitutional design, and federalism. He obtained his M.A. in political science from Columbia in 2009. Before coming to New York, Giancarlo worked for several years in the Italian parliament while pursuing a doctorate in political science at Università La Sapienza, Rome, where he studied philosophy and political science as an undergraduate. In addition, he regularly wrote for Federalismi, an Italian journal, on issues related to federalism and comparative constitutional law. In the year preceding his death, Giancarlo was working on a co-authored book project on bicameralism.

At Columbia, Giancarlo's colleagues, friends, and professors remember his warmth and energy, his generosity, his commitment to research, and his willingness to listen and to help. He remains a source of inspiration for those who sat in class and studied with him and even more so for those who saw the enormous strength and resilience of his character in the darkest days of his fight with cancer.

Call for 2014 Submissions
Political Science Ph.D. candidates who have not yet received the M.Phil. and those who received the M.Phil. in October 2013 or February 2014 are invited to submit papers for consideration by the 2014 Giancarlo Doria Prize selection committee. Papers may address any subject in political science. Papers must be no longer that 45 pages in length (including all tables, figures, notes and references), and must be submitted in pdf format to Kay Achar by Friday, April 18, 2014.
The 2014 Doria Prize will be presented at the department celebration following Commencement Excercises on Wednesday, May 21, 2014.


Please Keep in Mind

1. Students may submit a paper that was written pre-M.Phil. even if the student has recently received the M.Phil. Such papers should be submitted with a note that states the course for which the paper was written. Post-M.Phil. revisions to such papers should not be submitted.

2. Only papers written at Columbia may be submitted. Papers written prior to a student's enrollment at Columbia will not be considered.

3. Papers co-authored with faculty members will not be considered.

4. To honor the spirit in which the Doria Prize was conceived, the committee needs submissions! Papers are eligible only if they were written relatively early in a student's Ph.D. studies. Therefore, the committee expects that rough edges will be common to all papers under consideration. This does not mean they are not prizeworthy because many papers with rough edges contain very interesting ideas. Students should not be bashful--please submit your best work!